Wireds Green Tech Elektro-DeLorean

Wired Italien baut grade einen DeLorian in ein Elektroauto um und fährt damit eine Woche lang durchs Land. Auf der Seite dazu verstehe ich kein Wort und Autos mag ich auch nicht besonders, aber ich mag Green Tech und ich mag DeLoreans. Gizmodo hat mehr:

Hold on to your Huey Lewis and the News cassettes: An all-electric DeLorean DMC-12 will be rolling through the country roads of Italy just in time for the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future's original European release.

Our friends at Wired Italy are big fans of the movie. They're also fascinated by electric cars, so the combination just seemed right. They've partnered with the open source car conversion experts at eCars Now! Italy to make it happen. "This is all real future, not back to the future," said Wired Italy Features Editor Massimiliano Ferramondo.

Electrified DeLorean Heads Back to the Future