When Frank Zappa met Jack Kirby

Jeff Newelt von Royal Flush hat einen großartigen Artikel über sein Treffen mit Ahmet, Sohn von Frank Zappa, der ihm ein paar Anekdoten über die Freundschaft seines Vaters mit niemand anderem als Comic-Gott Jack Kirby erzählte. Wusstet Ihr, dass George Lucas Frank Zappa gefragt hatte, ob er die Musik für Star Wars schreiben wollte und dass Darth Vader ein RipOff von Doc Doom war? Ich auch nicht.

"One of the most significant moments in my life is when my dad said, ‘meet Jack, he’s the guy who created all those superheroes you love.’ That blew my little mind. I thought it was awesome and weird that my dad had this friendship with this guy. It was like meeting like a real magician!" […]

Jack gave me this Silver Surfer book. I didn’t know what to make of this silver dude on a surfboard; it didn’t make any sense but, he was super cool. This was around the time Empire came out and was HUGE [1981 –ed.], and I remember Jack confided in Frank that he felt like the stories he created helped shape the Star Wars saga, that he saw direct parallels between his characters and the movie’s story arcs.” […]

“He told my dad stuff like, ‘Darth Vader was Doctor Doom and the Force is the Source’ and that George Lucas ripped him off. Now this you may not know, and I was only a kid, but I remember learning at the dinner table that my dad was asked to write the music for Star Wars; he turned it down, he said he wasn’t interested. That would’ve been really strange, the lives of us Star Wars fans woulda taken a different turn and that whole score woulda sounded like Tatooine Cantina music.”

Step inside the Fourth World as we relive that one magical day when… FRANK ZAPPA met JACK KIRBY! (via Laughing Squid)