Musicvideos: Hollerado, Maylee Todd, Portugal. The Man

(Youtube Direkthollerado, via IheartPluto)

(Youtube Direktaerobic, via Rainbow Zombies at my Unicorn)

Den Anfang machen heute erstmal Hollerado mit ihrem Video zu „Americanarama“, bei dem sie sich nicht nur musikalisch ein paar Sachen bei OK Go abgeschaut haben: „This is the "Human 8-bit Video". We wanted to make something cheap and awesome. It was directed by our buddy/chief mad scientist Greg Jardin. It was all shot in one take. It took lots and lots and lots of practice to get it right. A guy in one of the cells also played the serial killer on season 5 of 'the wire'.“ Toll!

Danach noch Maylee Todds „Aerobics In Space“, nach dem Klick weitere Clips.

Luke Doucet - Thinking People

(Youtube Direktthinking, via HG)

Portugal. The Man - People Say

(Vimeo Direktpeople)

Black Mountain – The Hair Song

(Pitchfork Direkthair)

Mumdance – Don't Forget Me Now (ft. Esser)

(Pitchfork Direktdance)