Salacious B. Crumb-Print

Auch wenn ihr mit dem Namen „Salacious B. Crumb“ erstmal nix anfangen könnt: Ihr wisst, wer das ist, wenn Ihr ihn seht. Salacious B. Crumb ist das Viech, das an C3POs Auge rumknabbert und ihm hat Mondo Tees diesen tollen Print von Rhys Cooper gewidmet (natürlich schon ausverkauft, das Ding, leider).

Salacious Crumb is one of the first characters I brought up when brainstorming for the STAR WARS series. There are several things that make him stand out from the other characters in Jabba’s Palace and one of those is his design. Remembering how crazy detailed Rhys was with his past posters for us, we decided to let him attack Salacious. Here is what Rhys had to say about the project:
“I always thought Salacious Crumb is the kind of character that makes Star Wars great. Little personalities like his are what give the galaxy far far away its depth and diversity.”

Mondo Presents: STAR WARS! Salacious B. Crumb By Rhys Cooper On Sale Now!