Anonymous-Interview über die DDoS-Attacken auf die MPAA und RIAA

Es ist ein bisschen albern, ein Interview mit Anonymous zu verlinken, weil Anonymous ein loses Gebilde aus wechselnden Teilnehmern ist, die sich über 4chan koordinieren und nicht als Individuum auftreten. Ich mach's trotzdem.

4chan bzw. Anonymous hatte nämlich in den letzten Tagen gezielte DDoS-Attacken auf die Websites der MPAA (Motion Picture Assosiation of America) und die RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) gefahren, nachdem die eine Firma namens Aiplex Software damit beauftragt hatten, ein paar Bittorrent-Seiten per DDoS lahmzulegen. Da wird Anonymous sauer.

Gar nicht so erstaunlicher Weise schätzt Anonymous Filesharing netzphilosophisch ganz korrekt ein und flüchtet sich nicht (wie Pirate Bay) in Pseudo-Freedom of Speech-Argumente.

Q: Do you advocate piracy?
A: Yes. It is the next step in a cultural revolution of shared information. Imagine it as the beginnings to an information singularity; a beginning of true “equality of opportunity”, regardless of wealth or capacity. I would not have gotten anywhere near my accomplishments today without the books I pirated. I can’t afford them!

Q: What websites have you attacked?
A: The Motion Picture Association of America [MPAA], The Recording Industry Association of America [RIAA], The British Phonographic Industry [BPI], The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft [AFACT] ,Stichting Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland [BREIN], ACS:Law, Aiplex, Websheriff, and Dglegal.

Q: Your original poster mentioned that “botnets” would be used in this attack. Do any of you profit from cyber crime?
A: That depends if you’re using the anti-piracy lobby definition of cyber criminal or not. To be clear, we do not condone any sort of profit from botnets or malware for that matter, but the vast majority of what is constituted as Cyber Crime can be something as simple as downloading your favourite song, instead of paying ridiculous fees for that song (which the artist will only see a fraction of).

Q: What’s your affiliation with 4chan? Are you all active members?
A: Some of us frequent 4chan, but we have no affiliation with any forum or website for that matter. We simply use them to communicate.

Q: How long will this attack go on for?
A: There is no time frame. We will keep going until we stop being angry.

An Interview with Anonymous (via Hypebot)

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