Algae Biochemistry-Furniture Art

Marin Sawas Algaerium wurde grade auf dem London Design Festival gezeigt, das Teil erzeugt Farben mit Algen in… einem DIY-Glasdings.

Algaerium is textile-inspired design for ‘cultivating’ and producing green energy in style. It creates a domesticated mode of algaculture for our urban lifestyles in the space of interior to exterior. This means it acts as aquariums for algae and the ‘living’ design serves as a new type of plants designed with a new characteristic to visualize photosynthesis through colour change.

Algaculture is a form of aquaculture for the cultivation of various microalgae (planktons). The farming of microalgae is the result of algae’s versatility in such commercial and industrial uses as food, fertilizer, bioplastics, dyes and colourants, chemical feedstock, pharmaceuticals, and alga fuel as well as pollution control. (Wikipedia) In the praise of such practical versatility of this ‘naturally green’ material, Algaerium expands the industrial scale of algaculture to a new scale: bringing new green presence into our urban living.

Algaerium – DIY biology inspires algae-based design, hier die Seite des Künstlers zum Projekt.