E-Z-Fynd Search-Engine finds everything in only two Months!

(Youtube Direktfind, via Coudal)

Eigentlich hätte die Headline lauten müssen: „Wenn die Suchmaschine in Deutschland erfunden worden wäre“, dann sähe die wahrscheinlich so aus wie E-Z-Fynd von Coudal. Nein, der Satz war nicht ganz ernstgemeint. Nur ein bisschen.

It’s As E-Z as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

1. Write down what you want to search on The Internet for.
2. Fax that page to our secure headquarters.
3. Carefully fill out the forms we send back to you.
4. Mail your responses back to us.
5. Reassemble your own personal "secret" code.
6. Enter the code into your E-Z Fynd Mystery Box.*
7. Relax! Your search results & peppermints** are on the way!

* E-Z Fynd uses a patented encryption technology to securely transmit data to our Himalayan headquarters. Mystery Box sold separately.
** The peppermints included with your search results are made in a factory that also processes nut ingredients.