Recursive Pizza-Pizza

Eine Pizza mit Pizzabelag. Gebacken hat die Leckerei John Riepenhoff, Serious Eats hat ein Interview mit ihm… er sieht das Ding als Kunst. Nun ja. Ich halte das vor allem erstmal für Pizza.

What was your inspiration for the work?
A new gallery was opening in Milwaukee several months ago, Small Space, and their inaugural show was a collage group show. Collage to me is a pretty broad category so I wanted to make a bonus statement in my work by making a delicious and fun interactive temporary sculpture that could be offered as a gift to anyone visiting this new conceptual art space. My work is typically about the structure of an art environment so pizza was a perfect template to exercise visceral enjoyment mashed with layers of intellect in a way to start talking about the social as material in a shared art experience.

How did people react to it?
They ate it up.

John Riepenhoff's Recursive Pizza