Tourette-Karaoke Interviews

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Ihr erinnert Euch an Daniel Francis, Autist mit Tourette-Syndrom und äußerst sympathischer Karaoke-Sänger? Der geht grade durch die Decke. Als ich das Video gepostet hatte, stand es bei 10.000 Views und ein paar zerquetschte, heute bei 300.000, der Mann gibt Interviews im Radio und im Netz und ich gönne ihm das wie keinem zweiten. Keep on rocking, Oifuckerfucker!

Hier das Interview von HDRadioUK, danach ein Snip von einem Interview auf CNet.

Tourettes Interview by MinutesofMayhem

"The original motivation behind that was born from an obsession with karaoke. I have what is commonly known in the autistic community as 'special topic,'" he said.

Special topic is not something that occurs consciously. It's not as if Francis picks his topic. But he becomes obsessed with it to the degree that he talks about it all the time and forgets to eat or sleep. As he describes it: "I become an insufferable bore."

Singing became Francis' special topic. His three kids loved it. His wife hated it. But then the tourette's stepped in to add its little kink.

"My tics came on," he said. "And I was frustrated because I could not indulge in my topic." So he thought to heck with it, "I will do it even though I'm tic-ing. I wanted to see what I looked like tic-ing and singing, as one does."

So he stared into his computer, composed himself as much as he could, and began to sing into the camera. He might be in bed, or elsewhere around the house. But if the computer can be there with him, he can perform.

How YouTube provides outlet for singer with tourette's