Douglas Couplands Mental States for the 21st Century

Douglas Coupland hat einen superunterhaltsamen Artikel für den Independend geschrieben, in dem er Namen für Zustände erfindet, die es so erst seit kurzem gibt, von Frankentime bis Karaoke Amnesia ist da alles dabei, hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

Bell's Law of Telephony: No matter what technology is used, your monthly phone bill magically remains about the same size.

Frankentime: What time feels like when you realise that most of your life is spent working with and around a computer and the internet.

Grim Truth: You're smarter than TV. So what?

Karaokeal Amnesia: Most people don't know all the lyrics to almost any song, particularly the ones they hold most dear. (See also Lyrical Putty)

Lyrical Putty: The lyrics one creates in one's head in the absence of knowing a song's real lyrics.

Memesphere: The realm of culturally tangible ideas.

Douglas Coupland: New terms for new sensations (via Mindhacks)