What to do when body parts fall off

Was macht man am besten, wenn man sich einen Finger abschnibbelt? Man legt ihn auf Eis, richtig? Falsch. CNN hat einen schönen Artikel mit ein paar Tipps, falls man sich beim Salatgurkenschneiden etwas heftiger weh tut.

The first thing you do when a body part becomes detached is control the bleeding. Put direct pressure on the wound and elevate it higher than the heart, advises Dr. Dave Manthey, professor of emergency medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Then rinse off the severed finger or toe (or part thereof).

"You are trying to decrease the bacteria," Manthey explains. "But don't scrub it. If you scrub, you're causing blunt force damage."

Now get a clean cloth or piece of sterile gauze, dampen it with cold water and wrap the finger or toe in it. Then put the wrapped appendage into a plastic bag and put the bag in cold (preferably iced) water.

What to do when body parts fall off (via Coudal)