Manta klaut eine Kamera und dreht damit ‘nen Film

(Youtube Direktmanta, via Boing Boing)

Ihr erinnert Euch an den Octopus, der einem Taucher 'ne Kamera klaute und damit 'nen Film drehte (hier)? Der Kollege hat einen Nachahmer: Ein Manta hat kürzlich genau die gleiche Nummer abgezogen.

The incident occurred as the crew of the travel show, "Into the Drink," was wrapping up a nighttime shoot. Travis Matteson was beneath the surface aiming his camera toward a ball of small fish and plankton circling above him. While focused on the shot he failed to notice the plankton-eating manta approaching swiftly from the side, which snatched the camera from his hands, rolled over backwards and swam off with the camera, which was still shooting.

Giant manta caught on video stealing diver's expensive camera rig