Schokoladen-Gen sequenziert, goes Open Source

Wissenschaftler haben die Gensequenz für den Kakaobaum entschlüsselt. Das Schoko-Gen wird in der Cacoa Genome Database veröffentlicht und als Allgemeingut verfügbar gemacht und ich freu mich jetzt schon auf Mutantenschokolade aus einem Garagen-Biotech-Startup.

In a monumental step for chocolate lovers — ah, let’s be honest, the whole of humankind — scientists announced today they have completed a preliminary genome sequence for the cacao tree. […]

The genome sequence, which enters the public domain today, is the result of a partnership among a few unlikely bedfellows: Mars Inc., maker of M&Ms, Milky Way bars and other treats; the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service; and IBM. The trio hopes international agricultural researchers will immediately start refining the sequence. As with any gene mapping project, decoding the complete genome will take some time. […]

The Mars team's preliminary results will be available via the Cacao Genome Database, to ensure that the data remains perpetually patent-free. The Times quotes Hershey's team saying they will also make their sequence available, but won't restrict patents.

In Sweet Breakthrough, Scientists Led By Makers of M&Ms Sequence the Chocolate Genome