Bacteria Chandelier

Eine Familie aus New Jersey hat sich einen Kronleuchter aus Fieberoptik-Kabeln und Petrischalen bauen lassen, die sie mit Bakterien aus ihren Körpern gefüllt haben. Das Ding würde ich gerne mal in einem Jahr sehen.

Bacterioptica "is designed to synchronize with the life of a very unique New Jersey household, comprised of two parents, three children, a dog, and one hell of an extended family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, not to mention house plants, insects, allergens, fungi, and billions of bacteria that live with, on and among all humans."

Bacterioptica is itself a household organism and is alive in a very literal sense as "it cultivates, distributes and illuminates the bacterial life of its family members by way of a branching assembly of metal rods, glass petri dishes and fiber optics."

Bacterioptica Chandelier by MADLAB, Bacterioptica (via Gizmodo)