Rambo and gay Bush Jr. fight Terrorism with Hitlers Guns

Jim Rugg hat seinen Indie-Minicomic Rambo 3.5 für lau online gestellt. Das Ding hat grade einen Ignatz Award auf der Small Press Expo gewonnen und Comics Alliance hat ein kleines Interview mit ihm.

The comic was posted on Aintitcool, and the comments included, "Was that written by a kid with ADD who was on crack? Whatever, it was still pretty awesome..." followed by, "lib fags love their Bush bashing". Mostly the response I've heard has been positive. Most of the negative response is based on a reading where Rambo 3.5 is a criticism of President Bush. I didn't really intend it to be that. To me it's more about things like "G.I. Joe" cartoons introducing me to the term "terrorism" then watching the media go crazy with the term 20 years later. If it's a criticism of President Bush, I can see how one would find it lacking.

One of the interesting comments I've heard is from people who may be coming at the work as a fan of "Afrodisiac" or my work on "The Guild" and not as someone knowledgeable about indie/small press/art comics. What I've heard a few times is surprise about pencil lines being visible. I take that for granted cause I'm a printing junkie, and the ability to reproduce pencil has captured my imagination over the last 10 years or so.

Read Jim Rugg's Complete 'Rambo 3.5': Now with an Ignatz Award!, das Comic gibts in allen möglichen Formaten (PDF, CBZ, CBR, Flickr) auf seinem Blog.