Night of the Living Trekkies Book-Trailer

(Youtube Direkttrekkie, via Topless Robot)

Das neueste Zombie-Mashupbuch von Quirk Books (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) ist eins über untote Trekkies auf einer Star Trek-Convention. Ich schätze mal sehr, dass der Trailer besser ist, als das Buch, denn sind wir mal ehrlich: Das meiste von dem Quatsch ist gut gemeint, aber nicht gut gemacht. Ob ich dem hier 'ne Chance gebe, weiß ich noch nicht, reinlesen werde ich mal.

This sci-fi/zombie/comedy/adventure follows a group of rag-tag Trekkies getting together for the fifth annual GulfCon (billed as the “largest Starfleet Convention in the western Gulf Coast region”).
Our heroes are dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers-but soon find themselves defending their hotel and convention center against hordes of flesh-eating undead. Suddenly, all of their useless knowledge about particle physics and old Star Trek episodes has genuine real-world applications! And while hotel employees and regular civilians are dying left and right, our Trekkies summon strength and courage by emulating their favorite starship-voyaging characters.

Packed with hundreds of gags referencing Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, and fan conventions, Night of the Living Trekkies reads like the strange lovechild of Galaxy Quest and Dawn of the Dead. Journey to the final frontier of zombie science-fiction satire!

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