Mars Simulator Video-Portrait

15.09.2010 Misc Science #Mars

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(Motherboard Direktmars, via BB Submiterator)

Motherboards hat den Mars Simulator der Mars Society in der Wüste in Utah besucht und ein ziemlich interessantes Video über die Wissenschaftler und Freaks gedreht, die in dem Ding wie Astronauten auf dem roten Planeten leben.

Twenty minutes north of the tiny town of Hanksville sits a lone cylindrical building tucked into the craggy red surface of Utah’s San Rafael Swell. The spaceship-like structure houses the Mars Desert Research Station, an environment created by the Mars Society, a growing non-profit organization that supports the research, exploration, and eventual colonization of the mysterious red planet.

The swell, chosen as a simulation site for its topical resemblance to Mars, provides researchers with an opportunity to live and work in an environment that’s as close to outer space as is earthly possible. Their “Mars Analog” station is staffed by a small group of Mars devotees (some scientists, some not) living in complete “sim”—wearing spacesuits when they venture outside, consuming only dehydrated, shelf-stable food like Bisquick and ghee, and abiding by the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” adage in an effort to conserve water.

Mars on Earth: The People Who Are Already Living On the Red Planet, No Spaceship Required

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