Interview with a Mexican Drug War-Blogger

Boing Boing hat ein spannendes Interview mit dem Macher des Blog del Narco aus Mexiko, der über den dortigen Drogenkrieg berichtet. Und das Posting ist gespickt mit Bildern der goldenen Knarren, der Bosse.

The news arrives with disturbing regularity: 72 bodies found, a federal policeman killed, 4 men decapitated and hung from a bridge, 19 corpses found, 33 men executed, a massacre at a La Quinta Inn, Girl Assassin Squad Discovered.

This isn't news from Baghdad, it's a single week of headlines from Blog Del Narco, Mexico's rawest source of news on the ultraviolence engulfing the country. Until recently, the factional chaos was mostly confined to "Lost Cities" like Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana. Now, entire states are spiraling out of control.

Leaking Secrets, leaking Blood: Blog Del Narco, the anonymous tracker of Mexico's ultraviolent drug war