Common Spacewalker-Injury: Abgerissene Fingernägel

15.09.2010 Misc #Medics #Space

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Ihr erinnert Euch an die Fingernagel-Szene aus David Cronenbergs „Die Fliege“? Behaltet das Bild mal im Kopf, denn: Eine der häufigsten Verletzungen bei Weltraumspaziergängen sind – genau! – abgerissene Fingernägel! Aua!

The trouble is that the gloves, like the entire space suit, need to simulate the pressure of Earth's atmosphere in the chilly, airless environment of space. The rigid, balloonlike nature of gas-pressurized gloves makes fine motor control a challenge during extravehicular activities (EVAs), aka spacewalks. […]

A previous study of astronaut injuries sustained during spacewalks had found that about 47 percent of 352 reported symptoms between 2002 and 2004 were hand related. More than half of these hand injuries were due to fingertips and nails making contact with the hard "thimbles" inside the glove fingertips.

In several cases, sustained pressure on the fingertips during EVAs caused intense pain and led to the astronauts' nails detaching from their nailbeds, a condition called fingernail delamination.

Astronauts' Fingernails Falling Off Due to Glove Design (via Discover Mag)