„UFO-Landing“ in France

06.09.2010 Misc #UFOs

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In Arés bei Bordeaux haben zwei Künstler ein UFO gelandet, das erste dort ankommende Raumschiff, seit dem sie 1976 den einzigen staatlich geführten UFO-Landeplatz in Frankreich gebaut hatten. Staatlich geführte UFO-Landeplätze fuckyeah!

Arès, near Bordeaux, southwestern France, decided to try and attract Martians to its triangular "UFOport" with its very own fake Martian craft in a celebration of alien enthusiasts.

Made by a local artist, the man-made UFO "landed" on the strip and, it is hoped, will entice any hesitant extraterrestrials in search of a runway. A plaque reads: "Reserved for voyagers of the universe".

First landing on 34-year-old UFO airport at Ares in France (via Arbroath)