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There is a Horse in the Apple Store

Gepostet vor 5 Jahren, 8 Monaten in

Sensationelles Posting von Frank Chimero, der ein Pony in einem Apple Store geknippst hat.

There is a horse in the Apple Store and no one sees it but me.

I think, “Why?” What is the villain here that blinds all of these people to this situation? Am I nuts for thinking this is exceptional? Does anyone else see this? Did I accidentally drop acid and not realize? I must take a photo. I must verify later, when I’m not potentially tripping balls.

I think, “Would they notice if it were a tiger?” Or a lamb? Or an anaconda? What would it take to shake the haze from around their eyes? A sale sign? A new iPod Touch? Would they notice a new iPod Touch?

Are they just divinely focused? Are they meditating in a retail environment? Are they distracted by something shiny? There is so much shiny in the Apple Store. Is it enough to distract everyone from the little tiny horse that is at the Genius Bar?

Can horses type?

There is a Horse in the Apple Store (via Waxy)



Stoned Sheep on psychotic Rampage

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„For a pearlfish, the best place to hide is often up a sea cucumber's anus.“

TIL: „For a pearlfish, the best place to hide is often up a sea cucumber's anus.“ Thank you, BBC!


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Bowiebranchia: „Nudibranchia or other opisthobranchia compared to the various looks of David Bowie.“

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It Follows – Remake

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2001: A Space Odyssey – Siri Edition

2001: A Space Odyssey – Siri Edition

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