Um den Energydrink „Zombie Blood“ zu promoten, hat die Agentur ein paar Leute als Zombies verkleidet und ein Fotoshooting veranstaltet. Und zwar, in dem sie bei Rot über 'ne Ampel fuhren.

Fun Facts About the Shoot:

- Caution was our primary concern and Patricia driving through the light could only be done at a time when it was guaranteed cars were not proceeding through opposite traffic.

- Took about 30 minutes to set up, with two teams on safety patrol.

- Brandon is getting chain sawed in the neck on the right side of the picture. Unfortunately the chainsaw'er (Derek) as well as the homeless zombie (Jay) were cropped by the camera frame.

-The zombie behind the dead body is holding a smiley face balloon, and the zombie in front of the dead body is holding a Zombie Blood IV stand.

A Red Light Traffic Ticket is 445 bucks. So is our marketing budget! (via Boing Boing)