Dancing on the Grave of Joseph Grimaldi, the first Clown ever

(Youtube Direktclown)

Henry Krokatsis hat eine Installation auf Joseph Grimaldis Grab gebaut, auf der man tanzen kann. Grimaldi war der Erfinder des modernen Clowns.

On Grimaldi's death on 31 May 1837 the London Illustrated News was moved to write, "Grimaldi is dead and hath left no peer. We fear with him the spirit of pantomime has disappeared." His reinterpretation of the medieval 'fool' character led him to become one of the most famous clowns of all time, with the trademark clothes and face paint that he brought to the profession (see image below) defining the look of the modern performer.

In keeping with Grimaldi's anti-authoritarian stance, Henry Krokatsis's memorial allows visitors to the recently reopened Grimaldi Park in Islington in London to, quite literally, dance on the old clown's grave.

An invitation to dance on the grave of Joseph Grimaldi