Crustypunks – Lifestorys of New Yorks Street Punks

04.09.2010 Misc #Punk #Society

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Supertolles Blog: Crustypunks erzählt die Geschichten von Punks im Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York. Unbedingt alles lesen, großartig: „Crusties is a term for members of one type of subculture. The term predates crust punk and can be used independently to refer to a type of street punks or a form of contemporary squatters. Members are noted for their unkempt outward appearance and are associated with road protests, squatting, raves, begging, train-hopping, street entertaining (orbusking) and the young homeless. The term may now be more notable for its associations to crust punk.“

My father was an attempted cop killer, he was doing twenty years to life for shooting a police officer three times. He was serving five years in CCI corrections and my mother met him visiting my uncle who was an incarcerated Hell's Angels. As my mom would tell you, she fucking fell in love with a felon. Got a petition with three thousand signatures on it and got my dad released in five years served, five years probation. He got out impregnated my mom. I was born two months premature and I was dying.

I got into punk rock music and squatting when I was thirteen years old. By fifteen I had been in jail, was kicked out of high school and I had a son on the way. In two thousand one, January third, my son Seth Alan Parker was born. At that moment I knew that I would never stick a needle in my arm or ride a train or ever do anything that would ever threaten me being there for him.

Crustypunks (via MeFi)