Google sells evil Ice Cream to Kids

(Youtube Direkticecream, via Threat Level)

Schönes Video von Consumer Watchdog mit Eric Schmidt als fieser Eisverkäufer. Ist mir von der Aussage zwar etwas zu hysterisch, aber nett gemacht ist das allemal.

Etwas interessanter finde ich da William Gibsons Text in der New York Times, der Google mit Popkultur-AIs und einem Staatengebilde vergleicht.

Science fiction never imagined Google, but it certainly imagined computers that would advise us what to do. HAL 9000, in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” will forever come to mind, his advice, we assume, eminently reliable — before his malfunction. But HAL was a discrete entity, a genie in a bottle, something we imagined owning or being assigned. Google is a distributed entity, a two-way membrane, a game-changing tool on the order of the equally handy flint hand ax, with which we chop our way through the very densest thickets of information. Google is all of those things, and a very large and powerful corporation to boot.

We have yet to take Google’s measure. We’ve seen nothing like it before, and we already perceive much of our world through it. We would all very much like to be sagely and reliably advised by our own private genie; we would like the genie to make the world more transparent, more easily navigable. Google does that for us: it makes everything in the world accessible to everyone, and everyone accessible to the world. But we see everyone looking in, and blame Google.

Google’s Earth (via MeFi)