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Ich und Raketentests, wir haben da ja was am laufen. Hier der neueste Test des bislang stärksten Raketenantriebs, ever, der DM-2. Von PopSci: „For two minutes, the motor, designed to provide up to 3.6 million pounds of thrust, roaringly fired a column of flame, while some 760 instruments monitored its every aspect. Best to turn down your speakers before the countdown in this video hits zero. Before the motor was fired, the engineers chilled it to 40 degrees below zero, for additional stress testing.“

NASA and ATK Aerospace Systems successfully completed on Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010, a two-minute, full-scale test of the largest and most powerful solid rocket motor designed for flight. The motor is potentially transferable to future heavy-lift launch vehicle designs.

The stationary firing of the first-stage development solid rocket motor, dubbed DM-2, was the most heavily instrumented solid rocket motor test in NASA history. More than 760 instruments measured 53 test objectives.

Loud Video: NASA Test Fires Largest-Ever Solid Rocket Motor

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