The changing world of Japans Geisha, Last Of The Samurai und Taiwans Last Sword-maker

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Steve Chao von Al Jazeera hat mit Matthew Allard drei tolle Videos über untergehende asiatische Traditionen gedreht: The changing world of Japans Geisha, The Last Of The Samurai und Taiwans Last Sword-maker. Oben der Schwertmacher Hattori Hanzō, die anderen beiden Videos nach dem Klick.

Once considered divine, the centuries-old craft of sword-making in Taiwan is dying. But one individual is doing his best to keep the ancient tradition alive. Al Jazeera's Steve Chao travelled to the town of Cheding to meet the country's last professional sword-maker, who at 65, hopes to find a "worthy apprentice" to pass his legacy on to.

The changing world of Japans Geisha

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Japan is reeling from a 20-year economic slump, and has recently been surpassed by China as the world's second-largest economy. What the Japanese call the "lost years" have taken a serious toll on some of the country's most beloved cultural icons, including the Geisha. Instead of charging several hundred dollars for tea, dancing and artful conversation, many now have to look for other ways to make a living.

The Last Of The Samurai

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Samurai movies made Japanese cinema famous worldwide. In the 1950s, films such as the Seven Samurai by Akiro Kurosawa were extremely popular both in Japan and abroad. But waning interest is now leaving many of Japan's silver screen swordsmen out of work.