Realistic Lightsaber-Replicas incl. Crystals

Hatte ich am Wochenende schon gesehen, aber zu schnell mit „Och nee, nicht noch ein Lichtschwert-Nachbauer“ weggeklickt. Aber die hier sind awesome! Bradley W. Lewis baut die Dinger nämlich aus denselben Teilen wie die, die in den Filmen verwendet wurden. Und er baut da auch leuchtende Kristalle rein. Leuchtende Kristalle!

Von Slashdot:

These aren't your average cheap pieces of plastic, in fact they're more authentic than the Master Replica sabers: Brad tracks down the pieces of equipment actually used to build the original props — or, when they're unavailable, very close replicas, that he further customizes with a metal lathe in his garage — and puts them together with loving attention. My favorite part is the embellishments he does add, on the inside of the saber — his replica of Luke's saber from ANH can be opened to see authentic-looking internals such as a glowing crystal (as well as another surprise — an autograph from Luke himself, Mark Hamill).