Another Fire Tornado in Hawaii

31.08.2010 Misc #Fire #Weather

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(Youtube Direktfire)

Letzte Woche wollten sie uns noch erzählen, Feuertornados wären so superselten und der in Brasilien ein einmaliges Naturschauspiel. Und dann spielt sich vor ein paar Tagen auf Hawaii genau das gleiche ab.

This really is a fantastic demonstration of how microscale weather works. Imagine: a fire starts. As the air is heated above the fire, it rises, and the upward motion can be very strong. This leaves a lower pressure spot at the fire, and the air from outside the fire rushes in to fill the gap. The air is very turbulent, and as the inward-moving air from one side hits air coming in from the other, swirls can form. These get amplified by the constant gale of air, and rotation on a larger scale can get started and sustained. The whirlwind gets pumped by the hot air rising, and the next thing you know you’ve got a full-blown tornado of fire.

Another tornado MADE OF FIRE! Waiting now for tornado made of locusts.