PopSci hat eine sehr schöne Galerie mit Universitäts-Laboratorien, in denen Studenten solches Zeug hier lernen: „Blow things up extremely well, Study Martian living conditions here on Earth, Test out new astronaut gear in zero gravity, Create your own game, Follow rare animals up 150-foot trees, Build toys and test them on actual kids“ und so weiter. Gibt's so eine Galerie auch für deutsche Unis? Und warum nicht? Warum nicht?

Bild oben: Missouri University of Science and Technology: Experimental Mine: „Students learn how to implode buildings, design fireworks displays, blast smooth slices of stone of quarry walls, run pyrotechnics at rock concerts, and set off special effects fireballs on movie sets. As you might expect, the program’s screening process rivals the CIA’s. Candidates must submit to an extensive background check, and non-citizens may have to shake hands with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.“

Darunter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Toy Lab: „You think college is all fun and games, well it is—if you’re one of 90 lucky students in MIT’s most popular freshman elective. Each spring, 15 teams of six get a theme and $750 to design and prototype a toy or game. Past inventions include a one-wheeled motorized skateboard and a futuristic game of tag.“

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