OK Go on net neutrality: A lesson from the music industry

Damian Kulash, Sänger der Rube-Goldberg-Band OK Go, hat in der Washington Post einen Artikel geschrieben, der die Probleme der Musikindustrie mit den aufkommenden Begehrlichkeiten bezüglich Netz-Neutralität vergleicht. Finde ich gut, dass sich Bands mittlerweile mit Internet-Tech auseinandersetzen, steht nämlich schon eine Weile in ihrer Jobbeschreibung.

The Internet is the purest marketplace for ideas that the world has ever seen, and the amazing power of such a level playing field has revolutionized everything. Google knows this better than anyone. It started in a garage and became an industry leader by having great ideas, not mountains of cash. And it's wonderful: The Internet works! It rewards innovators such as Google, and it relegates protectionist, defensive, idea-squashing fogies such as record companies to the dustbin of history.

Now that the Internet has been around long enough to have developed its own giants, though, we need to make sure they don't ruin what's great about the technology that made them. We need to make sure they don't crush the idea industry the way the music giants crushed the music industry. I hope Google keeps succeeding (seriously, I'm a stockholder), but it must be because of the power of its ideas, not its power to tilt the playing field.

OK Go on net neutrality: A lesson from the music industry (via Ok Go)