Covered: Batman is a Drag

Das fantastische Comic-Cover-Remixblog Covered hatte ich zuletzt im Januar, schon wieder viel zu lange her. Im Juli hatte Mike Walton das Cover zu Detective Comics 241 und aus Batman eine Batqueen gemacht.

The intention of Covered is to feature a wide variety of artists redoing comic covers in their own style. Artists can come from any field: cartoonists / comic artists (both from the mainstream and the independent fringes), illustrators, animators, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, etc. and be both well known or up and coming.

Any comic cover is acceptable to redraw for the Covered blog. It can be any genre from any country. Anything from a 60’s underground to a Chick tract; from Japanese manga, to French/Belgian bande dessinée to an American superhero comic.

Covered (via Fanboy)