Viking-Flashmobs in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles trifft sich öfter mal ein Mob Vikinger („Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings“), stürmt ein Restaurant oder auch eins von diesen schwedischen Möbelhäusern und lässt dort die Sau raus, Viking-Style. Es gibt einen Grund, warum Northlanders von Brian Wood schon länger zu meinen Lieblingscomics gehört: „Oh yeah. We're thinking of making buttons that say, 'Vikings eat pirates and s**t ninjas'“.

Being a viking in Los Angeles isn't easy. In fact, it takes a pillage to do it right.

But that isn't stopping an ad hoc group of vikings from raising a ruckus in Los Angeles restaurants, all in the name of fun.

The group calls itself the "Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings" and, true to their name, they dress up in various variations of viking gear in order to go to nice restaurants and eat, drink and be merry -- other guests be damned!

The leader of this roving band of meal-seeking marauders is Tony Swatton, who, by day, is a master blacksmith and the designer of custom-made weapons, armor and other props for television and film.

Vikings Raid LA Restaurants and IKEAs, hier ihre Seite auf Facebook. (via Neatorama)