Frittiertes Bier

28.08.2010 Misc #Beer #Food

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Einmal Bier aus der Fritöse, bitteschön.

Fried Beer is a beer-filled pretzel-like dough pocket that's shaped like ravioli. Take a bite and the beer pours out. But don't cry over spilled suds. Simply use the dough to soak up the rest of the brewski. "Why drink your beer when you can eat it?" creator Mark Zable said. […]

Zable started experimenting. But the beer-and-dough concoction kept exploding once it hit the fryer. He kept getting burned.

So he consulted with a food scientist – still, no luck. Then, earlier this year, he finally found the recipe for success. Now Zable keeps the process shrouded in secrecy and has applied for a Fried Beer patent and trademark.

Texas State Fair's culinary contenders fry everything from Pop-Tarts to beer (via MeFi, Bild via /Food)