Underwater Bubble-Room

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Eine Taucherfamilie aus Nevada hat sich einen Bubble-Room unter Wasser gebaut. Awesome! Auf BoingBoing gibt's ein Interview mit den Bastlern.

Maggie: Where did this idea come from?

Jordan: I was in the shower, one day about four years ago, and I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have an underwater "fort" I wasn't sure how to make it happen at the time, but that's when the brainstorming started. So I called my brother Logan and we started talking about ways to do it.
Our original version was just a net stretched tight and secured to four rocks—one at each corner—and then a piece of plastic pulled under the net and an air bubble released into it from a scuba tank. Because the air is displacing water, the upward force of the bubble is equivalent to the downward force of the same volume of water on shore. So a bubble 10 cubic feet in volume would be basically 74.8 "gallons" of air at 8.35 lbs per gallon, which means a 10 cu. ft. bubble has 624.58 pounds of upward force! Pretty substantial.

Inside a Nevada family's underwater fort