Twilight Zones Rod Serling has an Action Figure

Rod Serling, Erfinder der Serien-Legende Twilight Zone, hat endlich das bekommen, was alle großen Menschen verdienen, noch mehr als alle Nobel-Preise, Oscars oder Pulitzer-Preise zusammen. Rod Serling hat seine eigene Action-Figur. Und das Posting dazu erzählt noch obdrauf die ziemlich interessante Hintergrundgeschichte zur Zone.

Like many creators and writers in Hollywood, Serling found the censorship imposed stifling. It was the 1950's, and while Serling was considered an amazing talent, he was still under the thumb of the very tight censors of the day. Not only were many social and political elements of his stories chopped out, but there's an old story about a reference to the Chrysler building being cut because the episode was sponsored by Ford. All the monkeying around with his stories drove him nuts, so he decided to create his own show. He certainly had the clout and reputation by the late 50's to do it.

Serling found out early on that if he tried to broach delicate subjects in a conventional dramatic way, the networks wouldn't approve. But if he used a fantastical future world or aliens or monsters to make the same points, they were far more willing to let it through. And thus Twilight Zone was born.

Twilight Zone custom sixth scale Rod Serling (danke Mockr!)