Doku: Monsters from the Id auf Youtube

(Youtube Direktmonsters, via Interweb3000)

Die Doku „Monsters from the Id“ über die Auswirkungen der SciFi-Filme der 50er auf die Jugend und die Bildung kann man sich auf Youtube in voller Länge anschauen (das da oben ist nur der Trailer!)

Snip von der Website zum Film:

The 1950's was an idealistic time in American History, filled with hope, opportunity, and wonder. It was also, "The Atomic Age", where new technology promised to both save humanity as well as put it in jeopardy. All of these factors gave birth to one of the most prolific genres in film history, 1950's Science Fiction Cinema. More then just bug eyed monsters and little green men, 1950's Sci-fi Cinema provided science inspiration for millions of eager youths across the country.

While monsters and invaders of many forms have always existed in cinema, it wasn't until the 1950's that Hollywood created a new character. This new character is the Modern Scientist. His predecessor, the Mad Scientist was evil and intent on using science for his own personal gains, no matter the outcome. With atomic energy now a part of the world everyone lived in, this type of scientist was more dangerous then ever. Instead, the Modern Scientist was created to calm the fears associated with the atomic age. This new American Citizen was brilliant, polite, thoughtful, charming and not surprisingly very good looking. Just as science took the lead in much of the news of the 1950's, the scientist became Hollywood's new leading man and a role model for young boys and girls across America.