Dez Skinns History of British Comicbook-Fanzines

Derek "Dez" Skinn hat auf seiner Website die Geschichte seiner Anfänge als Verleger (er war Chef von Marvel UK) mit Fanzines aufgeschrieben. Superfaszinierend! Ich hatte früher mit 'nem Kumpel auch ein Fanzine rausgegeben und heute mache ich dieses Blog hier. Ist praktisch genau dasselbe.

Children's Petite typewriter c1965I spent my evenings for the next week or so slaving over a Petite typewriter, compiling a list and two carbon copies (in case I spotted any similar ads in forthcoming issues!). This was no mean task either, as this was a children’s Petite typewriter (all I could lay my hands on!). That meant you had to turn a wheel in its middle for each and every letter, then thump the space bar and repeat. These were primitive times… Finally the completed 12 or so pages were mailed off and we went on our family two week holiday to Scarborough.

When we returned I was amazed to see a letter addressed to me… from Aberdeen. George Caven! And inside, together with a hand written list of comics he wanted, was a postal order for £1/17/6. In new money that’s not far shy of a princely two pounds, the equivalent at the time of almost 80 Mars bars, a pair of Levi jeans or six 45rpm singles (don’t ask). I was hooked. Here was a business opportunity where I could read stuff I enjoyed and then get my money back. Big business. At the post office when I was told the parcel would cost over a pound to mail I learned my first lesson… CHARGE POSTAGE!

Fanzines (via MeFi)