Star Wars Uncut wins an Emmy!

Und kaum ist Casey Pughs Fan-Projekt „Star Wars Uncut“ online gegangen, schon hat er damit 'nen Emmy in der Kategorie „Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - Fiction“ gewonnen. Glückwunsch an Pugh und da 15 Sekunden von mir als Jawa da drin enthalten sind: Glückwunsch an mich! Ahem. Jedenfalls: Fuck, yeah!

Star Wars Uncut is the first winner in this category not tied to a television show (previous interactive winners include a project for “Lost” and for the Jimmy Fallon show), and Pugh thinks this is a great sign for Internet video.

“This is huge,” said Pugh, who has worked at video-sharing site Vimeo and Internet TV company Boxee. “It’s also kind of a step for broadcast, possibly hinting at interactive TVs. … It’s awesome to have worked at these video companies and make an interactive film that could potentially apply to this new kind of marketplace,” he said, speaking about the long-discussed potential of combining Internet and television. […]

Pugh plans to work on “Empire Strikes Back” in the future.

Star Wars Uncut — Emmy Winner (via Waxy)