Tron-Guide to the Kama Sutra

23.08.2010 Misc #Sex #Tron

Share: Twitter Facebook Mail haben einen Kama Sutra-Guide auf die Beine gestellt, mit Video und allem. Und zwar im Tron-Style. Programs doing it on the Gamegrid. WHOA! „My friends, my fellow conscripts, we have scored. I feel so much better.“

Look what we found in the mainframe.

Let's say you're a 15-year-old boy nerd looking to SCORE. Real life experience has been... limited. (Ok, you're a virgin.) Lara Croft was inspired (nine years ago when you were six-years-old!). So, where are the sex-ed tutorials that are awesomely geek-friendly?

You can turn to internet porn. But frankly, where's the romance in that? You can read the Kama Sutra. But really. Sanskrit and Asian cartoon drawings?

At long last, everything a boy nerd needs to know about procreation, but was afraid to ask. One of WonderHowTo's boy nerd friends crafted twenty glorious and oh-so-important positions for your viewing pleasure. Nine months from today Geek Nation’s population will swell. Watch out world!

SCORE With Tron-a-Sutra (NSFW) (thanx Rachel!)