Podcast über Superpowers

Marcel schreibt mir: „Die aktuelle Podcast-Episode von This American Life beschäftigt sich - und zwar auf ganz wundervolle Art und Weise - mit dem Thema 'Superpowers': 4 sehr unterschiedliche, sehr schöne Beiträge - der erste davon übrigens von John Hodgman.“

Ich höre mir das grade an und ich bin normalerweise echt nicht der Typ für Podcasts, aber der hier ist tatsächlich superinteressant.

Act One. Invisible Man Vs. Hawkman.
John Hodgman conducts an informal survey in which he asks the age-old question: Which is better: The power of flight or the power of invisibility? He finds that how you answer tells a lot about what kind of person you are. And also, no matter which power people choose, they never use it to fight crime. (13 minutes)

Act Two. Wonder Woman.
Kelly McEvers with the story of Zora, a self-made superhero. From the time she was five, Zora had recurring dreams in which she was a 6'5" warrior queen who could fly and shoot lightning from her hands. She made a list of all the skills she would need to master if she wanted to actually become the superhero she dreamed of being. Sample items: Martial arts, evasive driving and bomb diffusion. She actually checked off most things on the list...and then had a run-in with the CIA. (16 minutes)

Act Three. The Green Team Of Boy Millionaires, Beppo The Amazing Supermonkey From Planet Krypton, And The Man From Sram.
Ira talks with Jonathan Morris, the amazingly funny and charming editor of the website Gone and Forgotten, an Internet archive of failed comic book characters. Jonathan explains what makes a new superhero succeed, and what makes him tank. (9 minutes)

Act Four. The Wonder Twins.
Ira talks with journalist Jason Bleibtreu about Luther and Johnny Htoo, twelve-year-old twins, and the leaders of a rebel army of Burmese separatists called God's Army. Everyone around them, both their own forces and their enemies, believed they possessed superpowers, that they could not be harmed by bullets, that they had the power to command ghost armies. Bleibtrau visited the twins while they were in the jungle and explains why they were so widely believed. (9 minutes)

Superpowers (danke Marcel!)