Voodoo-Wrestling im Kongo

Die Global Post hat eine superfaszinierende Galerie voller Fotos von Voodoo-Wrestlling im Kongo: Voodoo wrestling in Congo – Huge men in spandex, magic spells and zombie-like transformations. Der Sport ist dort ziemlich populär, sie vermischen ihn aber mit traditionellen Voodoo-Riten. Zombie-Wrestler FTW!

The hypnotic beat of drums and the loud melodic trumpets announce the beginning of the wrestling match. The athletes are getting ready and tonight, in Brazzaville, they will fight opponents from Kinshasa. The audience is mesmerized by the “voodoo” that has been borrowed from ancestral practices that were used in animist rituals — a large part of the intrigue of this sport.

In Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, wrestling is as popular as it is in the U.S. The main difference: The Congolese like to introduce a mystical, magical “voodoo” element to the pantomime. So in addition to huge men wearing spandex and diving off 10-foot-tall stages, there are also “magical traditions” involving powders, spells and zombie-like transformations of wrestlers.