Sexplanets discovered

Man hat zwei Planeten entdeckt, die die Sonne 24 Sextanis umkreisen. Und da man Planeten nach ihrem Zentralgestirn benennt, heissen sie 24 Sex b und 24 Sex c. Jayne Fonda is starting her engines.

The two worlds circling 24 Sextanis are also in a close embrace, keeping within about 70 million miles (112.6 million kilometers) of each other.

What the CalTech release fails to mention is that the planets have names: 24 Sex b and 24 Sex c.

While each world in our solar system bears an official name based on mythology, the basic rule for naming an exoplanet is to use the star's name followed by a lower-case letter. The star itself is considered "a," so the first planet found gets labelled with a "b," and so on through the alphabet.

"Sex c" New Planet Discovered (via BoingBoing)