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Bei Heritage kann man ein Glas voller Haar vom King ersteigern und ja, it's the real deal und der Text zum Haar ist fast noch besser, als die Tatsache selbst. (Und ich finde es echt ein bisschen gruselig, dass es scheinbar echt Leute gibt, die Haarproben sammeln. Und ich finde eigentlich nichts so wirklich gruselig.)

From the King's Personal Barber: A Large Quantity of the Hair That Fascinated the World for Decades. An incredibly rare opportunity for the serious Elvis Presley collector. We offer not just a strand or two, not just a small lock, but uncounted thousands of strands cut from that trademark Presley pompadour by his personal hair stylist, Homer M. Gilleland. Elvis Presley's hairstyle, though it evolved a bit through the years, was as much a part of his "brand" as the swiveling hips, curling lips, and versatile vocal stylings. At the beginning of his career, he made the decision to die his mousy blond hair a deep black and fashion it in a ducktail with a long pompadour front and long sideburns. This style was instantly copied by millions of young men worldwide. Adolescent girls (of all ages) also loved his hair and were horrified when, on March 25, 1958, Elvis received his famous first G.I. haircut after which he remarked, "Hair today, gone tomorrow" to the press. A recent survey taken in the U.K. concluded that, even in 2010, a full 50% of men favor Elvis's trademark "quiff" (British slang for a prominent forelock) and sideburns over any other hairstyle.

Throughout his twenty-plus year career, Elvis had one preferred personal hair colorist and stylist. Homer M. Gilleland worked at Goldsmith's Department Store in Memphis as a hairdresser; he was known to his clientele as "Mr. Gill" and one of his regular customers was Gladys Presley. After achieving his early fame, Elvis asked his mother's hairdresser to cut his hair; thus began a long and deeply personal relationship. Gilleland was given a credit card so he could travel to anywhere in the world where Elvis needed a color touchup or a trim. Throughout the years, he saved a quantity of the hair that he cut from the head of the King.

From the King's Personal Barber: A Large Quantity of the Hair That Fascinated the World for Decades (via Dinosaurs and Robots)

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