Marijuana Doll House

06.08.2010 Misc #Drugs #Toys

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Nein, ich habe nichts mit Puppen und kann mit den Dingern nach wie vor eigentlich nichts anfangen. Aber ein Marijuana-Gewächs-Coffeeshop-Puppenhaus mit Pee Wee Herman und Star Trek-Figuren? What the whating what?!

I'm pretty sure this is the reason we live in San Francisco: The chance that, on a random Tuesday evening, walking home from the neighborhood market, you might stumble upon a hilarious dollhouse outfitted to look like a weed-growing house proudly on display in the window of a nearby cafe. Said dollhouse will of course include Pee Wee Herman dolls, Star Trek action figures, a magic brownie-baking kitchen, and (so my eyes tell me) real marijuana clippings.

Pot-Growing Doll House Discovered in Lower Haight (via Digg)