Abandoned Real Life Supervillain-Mansions

Dark Roasted Blend hat ein fantastisches Posting mit den verlassenen und verrottenden Villas von Real Life Superschurken. Das da oben ist ein Landhaus in Florida, das Bin Ladens Neffen gehörte und in dem Osama öfter zu Gast war.

This house was the residence of Bin Laden's nephew in Florida. Osama was a frequent guest there. 17+ acres, 1.5 million dollars, built in the 1920s... […]

Not much is known about the house itself. As for why is it abandoned: according to this source, the government flew the nephew and his family out right after 9/11 (or not). The house spent a few years on the market, but there were no takers.

Abandoned Houses of Super Villains