Halo for Atari 2600

Halo 2600 ist nicht einfach nur ein Retrogame-Remix von Halo in Flash, sondern die haben das Ding tatsächlich auf Cartridges gebrannt und einhundert Stück davon auf einer Classic Gaming Expo verteilt und man kann das Game tatsächlich auf einer alten Atari 2600-Konsole spielen. WANT!

Halo 2600 has a very "Adventure" feel to it: players control Master Chief in a non-scrolling exploration design. There are 64 "rooms" to explore with a variety of enemies to shoot, including a final boss – but first you have to find your gun. Energy barriers can impede your progress, but once you track down a key or take down enemies the wall will disappear and you can move on.

The final product was made available at the Classic Gaming Expo. Only about a hundred cartridges were made for this event – complete with a wonderful retro-modern label designed by Mike Mika from Other Ocean Interactive.

Halo Goes Old-School, hier die Online-Version des Games, mehr Infos dazu (via Waxy)