International Relations-Theory of Zombies

Bereits vor einem Jahr hatte Foreign Policy einen Artikel darüber, wie verschiedene politische Strömungen mit einem Zombie Outbreak umgehen würden und wie der sich wohl auf internationale Beziehungen auswirken würde. Der Artikel war damals recht sperrig, weshalb sie ihn jetzt wohl nochmal rausgekramt und aufpoliert haben: Night of the Living Wonks – Toward an international relations theory of zombies.

How would the introduction of flesh-eating ghouls affect world politics? The realist answer is simple if surprising: International relations would be largely unaffected. Although some would see in a zombie invasion a new existential threat to the human condition, realists would be unimpressed by the claim that the zombies' arrival would lead to any radical change in human behavior. To them, a plague of the undead would merely echo older plagues, from the Black Death of the 14th century to the 1918 influenza pandemic. To paraphrase Thucydides, the realpolitik of zombies is that the strong will do what they can and the weak must suffer devouring by reanimated, ravenous corpses.

Realists also predict balance-of-power politics, so wouldn't the specter of the undead create a balancing coalition of humans against ghouls? This possibility cannot be ruled out. If zombies emerged from central Eurasia, for example, their capacity to spread quickly could trigger an alliance designed to prevent zombie hordes from taking over the continent.

Night of the Living Wonks – Toward an international relations theory of zombies (Danke Felix!)