SMSlingshot: SMS-Throwups mit 'ner Holzschleuder

(Youtube Direkt)

Mit der SMSlingshot kann man SMSe an eine Wand schleudern mit einer klassischen Zwille aus Holz (naja, und einem Projektor). Super Spielzeug für 12jährige wie mich.

The SMSlingshot is wooden device that was designed to create situations of digital augmented urban drift (Dérive). It is equipped with an ultra-high frequency radio, hacked micro processor board, a laser-pointer and batteries. A text messages can be typed on a phone-sized wooden keypad which is integrated in the also wooden slingshot. After the message is finished, people can aim on a media facade and send/shoot the message straight to the targeted point. It will then appear as a colour splash with the message written within. The text message will also be real-time twittered to link up real and virtual worlds.

VR/urban: „SMSlingshot“