R.I.P. Deriq, the OctoCam-Octopus

Deriq, der Octopus mit der OctoCam, die ich vor einem Monat gebloggt hatte, ist vorgestern gestorben. Auf dass er noch ein paar Rubiks-Cubes im Octopus-Himmel lösen wird.

We regret to announce that Deriq, the giant Pacific octopus that had been entertaining and engaging visitors to the HMSC Visitor Center since January – and Internet fans around the world since early June – died on July 25.

Aquarists who care for the Center's marine animals had been monitoring Deriq for several weeks after noticing changes in his feeding and behavior patterns, with tentative plans to release him into the sea later this summer. On July 24, senior aquarist Jose Marrin Jarrin discovered that the octopus was barely moving, and transferred him to a tank in the animal husbandry wing for observation. The animal died the following morning.

GOODBYE, DERIQ! (danke Eva!)